John Lenanton & Son Ltd, 1984

John Lenanton took over Batson's Wharf in 1864 and Regent's Wharf ten years later. By 1891 the firm of John Lenanton & Son was one of the largest timber importers and merchants in London. The wharves were extensively rebuilt and modernised in the 1930s following a fire, and new electric plant and machinery powered by a steam-driven generator were installed. A neo-Georgian-style office block was built in 1937 and subsequently enlarged and remodelled in 1954-6 with the addition of a works canteen above the Westferry Road entrance. New concrete sheds were also erected in the 1950s

Outline planning permission for the residential development of Lenanton's wharves was granted in 1986 but the firm continued to operate until 1995. Following Lenanton's departure the site was cleared and redeveloped as the luxury Millennium Harbour estateby Ballymore Properties Ltd. This was completed in 1998 and no trace of Lenanton's now remains

PIN 008 11A-12 title3

Ship unloading

PIN 018 22 title4

Yard,timber handling and saw mill

PIN 083 06A title1

Offices and canteen

PIN 112 40 title1

Fleet vehicle maintenance garage

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