Building the Docklands Light Railway, 1985-7

Construction of the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) began in 1985. The original route, opened in September 1987, ran from Tower Gateway via Canary Wharf to Island Gardens, where it terminated. Most of the line across the docks between Westferry and Mudchute was built from scratch, after which it ran over an existing 19th century railway viaduct across Millwall Park to a new overground station at Island Gardens, south of Manchester Road. The present (2013) underground route south of Mudchute was built in the 1990s when the line was extended under the Thames to Greenwich and Lewisham. A new underground station called Island Gardens was built on the north side of Manchester Road, and the older overground station was demolished. The Victorian railway viaduct once again fell intodisuse and the 10-year old bridges built across East Ferry Road and Manchester Road were demolished.

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Island Gardens to South Quay

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South Quay to Westferry

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